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I became Dr. Thefrogprincess, PhD. Will say more later, but for now, I offer this: my defense was everything I wanted graduate school to be. Intellectually rigorous while simultaneously generous and affirming. On both counts, grad school was a fail. Advertisements



Tomorrow I do something that, for at least a 9-month stretch between 2009 and 2010, looked impossible. I defend my dissertation and become a woman with Dr. before her name and PhD after. It’s pretty fucking amazing. I have some thoughts about my journey through grad school and what this moment means, thoughts that I […]

This is not about my laptop ban. So I’ve now been teaching for almost three months. For the most part, I really like my students. I think they’re smart and funny and, generally, willing to do the work. Whether their smarts actually make it onto the written page is one thing, but I still find […]