I, thefrogprincess, am a mid-20s graduate student in the history department at a Major Research University (MRU) on the East Coast. I graduated not too long ago from More Fun Research University in the South (MFRU). I have lived on the east coast my whole life. I’ve done the bulk of research for my dissertation and now I’m supposedly writing it up. I blog mainly about research, writing, academia, and my life; and less frequently about politics, pop culture, and general observations.

I can be reached at icantstopnow@gmail.com.


One Response to “About”

  1. Glad to have found you. I left academia some time ago, and was short of being ABD in History. I am not an advocate for people who are struggling or unable to pay off their student loans. It is a tragedy what has become of academia. I enjoyed your last blog, but must disagree with a few points. I suppose you may be right that people aren’t “owed jobs.” But I don’t know . . . We think too often that we aren’t “owed” things in this country, when they should just be a given (health care, right to higher education, a decent job, etc., etc.). I mean, there is a part of me that sees what you’re saying, but I also think it’s an effective way to allow for those in power to continue sticking it to us little peeps. All the while they get the big bucks and can run down to D.C. and get money like that. These are the people who brought the economy to its knees, caused a catastrophic wake as a result of their risky endeavors. They aren’t paying for it. The bigger banks are even bigger. It’s all the little people who believe they ought to be “trying harder” for a job or something who are suffering, losing their jobs, their homes, their dignity.


    Creator of Education Matters (alleducationmatters.blogspot.com)

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