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I haven’t abandoned my blog; I’ve just been traveling for quite a while now.  I went to third world country in April where I had limited access to internet.  I got back in May, spent a week and a half crashing at a friend’s empty apartment, and then flew to London about a week ago.  […]



I PASSED EXAMS!! as i suspected, the week of writing wasn’t as bad as the three months of anticipation. don’t get me wrong, it was not a pleasant time but, on the whole, I never felt as though I might not be able to answer the questions that I chose. The oral examination wasn’t fun […]



i need these exams to be over now…just over two weeks to go



so i’m in the homestretch now. i’m completely exhausted and on the verge of not caring but i still really care. something occurred to me today: i was talking to someone who spent the weekend with a friend who isn’t in graduate school. the friend couldn’t understand why my friend was so stressed about these […]

It’s been a while since I have posted and the past few weeks have been up and down roller coaster stuff. These exams are kinda doing me in but right now, I’m upbeat about it. Spring break is over and as always, I haven’t done as much work as I would have wanted. Got derailed […]



i just got out of a meeting with the professor running my thematic minor field. and the news is not good. i am behind in my readings, which he made clear several times. i also don’t know the general history of the period well enough to give clear examples. and, for the next meeting two […]

why exams suck


I know generals/comps/prelims/qualifying exams suck for everyone. They are a necessary hoop to jump through and they are supposed to finally get you really familiar with your field. So I’m not trying to say that mine are worse than anybody else’s. But this is why I’m stressed. I do imperial history, which means, at least […]