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an update


Welcome to any new readers I may have picked up with last week’s post on academia, graduate students, and the job market! Keep stopping by and commenting! Those of you who have read this blog for a while have likely picked up on the fact that things haven’t been so great for the past few […]

My senior year, in government class, we debated abortion. I don’t remember how this topic related to that day’s lesson (likely some link to Roe v. Wade). I also don’t remember what part of the school year this was, whether it was before or after the election and Bush v. Gore. I was still heavily […]

For what’s ostensibly an academic blog, there’s been very little in the way of academic topics for the past few months. Part of that is probably because the kind of stuff I’m supposed to be working on at this stage in my program is so specific that I can’t really write about it. If I’m […]

and not just watching big brother, although it’s ridiculous how much of my leisure time that show’s taken up. Whatever. I’ve got an obsessive personality, always have. I can’t be bothered about it. Things are winding down over here and because of that, I’ve been too swamped with work and preparing to come home to […]

I just finished writing another chapter…I might say a bit more about that in another post. I should be happy about it; and really I am. But instead of relaxing, I’m just drowning in frustration. I’m not going to get into all the ways I’m frustrated at the moment but there are many. I’m frustrated […]

checking in


I’ve actually started writing and I’m forcing myself to finish this chapter by early next week. Nothing much to say about that. The all-consuming thought in my mind now is that I only have about two months left here and then I have to return to the US and to my university. There’s little I […]

I’ve taken a few weeks off from the archives to write up a very rough draft of one of my chapters. It’s the second week of this break and I still haven’t begun actual writing. Once again, the challenge of reading through these sources is so mammoth that I have determined my general argument and […]