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My senior year, in government class, we debated abortion. I don’t remember how this topic related to that day’s lesson (likely some link to Roe v. Wade). I also don’t remember what part of the school year this was, whether it was before or after the election and Bush v. Gore. I was still heavily […]

sarah palin


Michiko Kakutani’s review of Sarah Palin’s book has a paragraph that sums up precisely why I found the success she met within certain ranks of the Republican party so troubling. It wasn’t her brand of conservatism, one that I’m pretty familiar with. It wasn’t her background. I was repulsed by the way she tried to […]

My first year of graduate school, a friend of mine told me that he couldn’t trust straight people (until they proved themselves to be allies, of course). I was offended. Then again, I had the luxury of getting offended. But now I get it and he’s right. I wish I didn’t understand because the recognition […]

toxic parents


The New York Times website has an article today on a topic I think is all too infrequently acknowledged: the idea that some parents are toxic and best removed from their children’s lives. (The author’s not referring to situations of physical or sexual abuse but the insidious emotional abuse against which there is no legislation.) […]

Let’s move on from the chitchat about her diabetes and on to something more infuriating: the idea that she’s unqualified. Certain conservatives have been going on and on lately about how she’s not qualified. Here’s what kills me: for better or for worse, Yale, Princeton, and Harvard have been the benchmarks of excellent education (and […]

I have a few posts brewing (and I mean that this time) but I just had to say this about Sonia Sotomayor. I don’t really have much of an opinion about her; I’ll wait until I’ve read more and the hearings start. But I do want to say this: I find it deeply troubling the […]

I’m out of London again this weekend, gone to another totally random midsize city. But more about that in another post. I had a long chat over breakfast with the proprietor of the B&B, during the course of which President Obama came up. I think I was saying how nice it was to have a […]