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When did we turn the corner so that the idea that we should continue to torture suspected or actual terrorists and deny them the rights we give to citizens was no longer in-house Republican mutterings or Dick Cheney’s point of view but became part of the national platform that is referred to in the Republican […]

My Republican friend, with whom I’ve had spirited but good-natured political debates for the past ten years, and I had another political conversation yesterday, in which we probably disagreed more than normal. Then there was this gem. Republican friend: Where is the conservative intelligentsia? Me: Where is the intelligentsia, period?

My senior year, in government class, we debated abortion. I don’t remember how this topic related to that day’s lesson (likely some link to Roe v. Wade). I also don’t remember what part of the school year this was, whether it was before or after the election and Bush v. Gore. I was still heavily […]

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Michiko Kakutani’s review of Sarah Palin’s book has a paragraph that sums up precisely why I found the success she met within certain ranks of the Republican party so troubling. It wasn’t her brand of conservatism, one that I’m pretty familiar with. It wasn’t her background. I was repulsed by the way she tried to […]

[I’ve been thinking about writing on gay marriage for the past few months and with recent events now’s as good a time as any.] In the seven or eight years since I left my isolated and highly conservative home (made all the more so by my mother’s strange brand of punitive Christianity), I’ve come to […]

I watched the inauguration at the house of a high school friend. Like many of my friends from home, she’s conservative (to the point of praising Sarah Palin’s qualifications to be president and loving the job George Bush did as president) but, unlike most people from home, she voted for Obama (I’m not fully sure […]

I’ve been thinking about a ton of things that I’ve wanted to blog about, but none of them are worth an individual post. So random smattering, here we go. Liberal outrage towards the potential Caroline Kennedy appointment to Hilary Clinton’s senate seat is steadily rising, I must say. But I’m still surprised this thing is […]