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This is both a look-back and look-forward kind of post. I’ve been thinking about 2011 a lot lately, for obvious reasons, but I’ve been surprised by how negative my feelings about 2011 have been, certainly more negative than my experience of 2011. 2011 wasn’t that bad: I was away from my grad institution the entire […]

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I became Dr. Thefrogprincess, PhD. Will say more later, but for now, I offer this: my defense was everything I wanted graduate school to be. Intellectually rigorous while simultaneously generous and affirming. On both counts, grad school was a fail.



Tomorrow I do something that, for at least a 9-month stretch between 2009 and 2010, looked impossible. I defend my dissertation and become a woman with Dr. before her name and PhD after. It’s pretty fucking amazing. I have some thoughts about my journey through grad school and what this moment means, thoughts that I […]

This is not about my laptop ban. So I’ve now been teaching for almost three months. For the most part, I really like my students. I think they’re smart and funny and, generally, willing to do the work. Whether their smarts actually make it onto the written page is one thing, but I still find […]

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update: I’m in the weeds, majorly, and should not be writing this blogpost. update: I love teaching. update: laptop ban’s working fine. Not a single complaint. update: My diss is due in mere days, and I should not be writing this blogpost. And yet… So a few weeks ago, a couple of posts went around […]

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So thanks to all of you who commented on my last post about the potential laptop ban that I’m thinking about imposing in my two classes this fall. I’ve got more to say on the subject. So first, let me admit that I spent time today reading through Margaret Soltan‘s various posts in which she […]

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So I’ve got a question for those in my readership who have done more teaching than I: what do you all do about laptops? I’m planning to ban them, but I’m having some difficulty committing to it. Pro the ban: 1. I’m old school, even though I’m young. I think we all managed to learn […]