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It turns out that trying to write a chapter (technically revise but the first attempt was woeful so really I’m doing it from scratch) that you know has no business being in your dissertation and will be dropped from the diss the second you defend is bloody difficult. I could not have less desire to […]

checking in


So I’ve been working. Working a lot. I’m focused on finishing the dissertation, come hell or high water. I just wrote a chapter that I’m extremely happy with. It’s fab. It of course needs more work but I feel like it’s pretty damn close to the finish line. Certainly it’s closer than any of the […]

It’s all over the news. Tyler Clementi, freshman at Rutgers, jumped off the George Washington Bridge last week. This happened a few days after his roommate videotaped Clementi engaging in romantic activity with a man and broadcast it over the internet, complete with some pretty heinous tweets. The roommate also planned to do it again […]