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This Arizona immigration legislation really chaps my ass. It’s a disgrace. But here are my questions. Is somebody going to explain to me how precisely police are going to demand that various people produce documents without racial profiling? Is there any doubt that the majority of people asked will be predominantly brown-skinned and spanish-speaking, with […]

how to move on


That title’s a lie. There’s no moving on. Over the past few weeks, since things reached their most abusive peak, I have been throwing myself into my work. It’s not that I find solace in work; I don’t, nor am I convinced it’s particularly healthy to do so. (I think this is another way I’m […]

another update


The immediate crisis I’ve been speaking about is kinda over. My continued progress in the program was being blocked even though I had more than met the requirements to continue. I’ve made it through that particular obstacle. And everybody around me sees that as a good thing: yeah, it’s been an incredibly sucky five months […]

that students who are not at fault must accept half of the responsibility of keeping things civil.

that not bothering faculty members who explode at students with baseless claims and who have no problem traumatizing students in meetings is more important than assuring that the student on the other end of the tirade is heard and protected from further abuse.



Things are bad; they’re probably worse than you can imagine because it’s pretty difficult to imagine how something could go so wrong if I’ve done nothing wrong. The good news? Now I’m itching for a fight. Which is a very different thing from being determined to stick it out. I’m determined, that hasn’t changed. But […]

and on…


It doesn’t seem possible but things have gotten so much worse. Much much worse. None of it is my fault but things have deteriorated to an unimaginable degree. I’m not giving up; the worse it gets, the more determined I get. But things are looking incredibly bleak. That is all.