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Since I write under a pseudonym, my blog isn’t quite as good a representation of myself as maybe it should be. I tend to write more about writing and research because they’re activities that can be hashed out in some detail without getting too specific about the subject matter I study. But I haven’t written […]

I just finished writing another chapter…I might say a bit more about that in another post. I should be happy about it; and really I am. But instead of relaxing, I’m just drowning in frustration. I’m not going to get into all the ways I’m frustrated at the moment but there are many. I’m frustrated […]

checking in


I’ve actually started writing and I’m forcing myself to finish this chapter by early next week. Nothing much to say about that. The all-consuming thought in my mind now is that I only have about two months left here and then I have to return to the US and to my university. There’s little I […]

I’ve taken a few weeks off from the archives to write up a very rough draft of one of my chapters. It’s the second week of this break and I still haven’t begun actual writing. Once again, the challenge of reading through these sources is so mammoth that I have determined my general argument and […]