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What’s going on with Nigel? He seems more off than usual this season. Ryan’s the best ballroom dancer ever to dance contemporary? What about Lacey’s first Mia Michaels routine? Nathan could be one of the best dancers ever on the show? So much for Jakob in this season alone to say nothing about Danny Tidwell […]

Since I write under a pseudonym, my blog isn’t quite as good a representation of myself as maybe it should be. I tend to write more about writing and research because they’re activities that can be hashed out in some detail without getting too specific about the subject matter I study. But I haven’t written […]

There’s a lot going on in my life at the moment and since I find it difficult to blog about my professional/personal life when my thoughts are so chaotic, it’s time for a pop culture post. Now bear with me: I know American Idol is a reality show and a moneymaking venture. But it’s also […]

Now that’s class.

Two things: Friday Night Lights is simply the best thing going on television right now. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot of great stuff playing: Lost, Damages, Top Chef, America’s Best Dance Crew, none of those should be missed. But nothing has as much universal appeal, sublime storytelling, and relatable characters as Friday Night […]

Well, not really. I just watched Oprah’s interview with the former minister whose preaching career ended after allegations of gay sex and drugs forced him to “come out”, so to speak, about his inclinations. It’s clear that Haggard is trying his best to accept himself but his religious beliefs are understandably getting in the way […]

Am I the only person who’s really bothered by Oprah’s recent admission that she’s gained weight? Oprah’s clearly been struggling with her weight for years but so much of her struggle seems self-inflicted. Obviously she’s a public figure and, in our culture, being thin has become the only measure of success, it seems. But Oprah […]