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So last night I had a terrifying thought. What if I just leave London? I’m to the point now where I’m concerned about my ability to salvage this trip. It’s become all too easy for me to not go to the archives; it doesn’t help that decision-making is made in the first few minutes after […]



The fact that I find it so easy not to go to the archives must mean that I shouldn’t be a historian, right? Or does it just mean that I’m horribly exhausted and desperately need a vacation that’s not coming since I’m on a six-month research trip?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how exactly I got to this point in my life where I have no motivation to do what I thought I wanted to do. At some point, I went wrong somewhere, right? I’ve mentioned before that I feel like I chose the wrong graduate program. This is still […]

enough said!

day 2


Yesterday was less successful. I went to the archives, so I’ve not fallen off the wagon already. As boring as this sounds, I’ve been testing out different tables at the archives as I figure out how I’ll handle the notetaking: will I rely primarily on my laptop or my digital camera? Yesterday I worked at […]



I survived day 1 and it’s actually been a productive day. I went to the archives, probably a little later than I wanted to but I still got four hours in comfortably. I did good work although I still need to figure how I’m going to combine transcribing documents with digital photos. I also installed […]

day 1


I see today as the first day of my dissertation research here. I’ve taken a week off, in which I did little other than sit around, think, get settled, etc. I’m still paralyzed and overwhelmed about the project, about whether I should be doing this, about whether I can finish my degree but I feel […]