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upping my game


Last week was bad research-wise. I’m not the most productive person generally; this week needs to be better. I have less than two months left and I do need to leave here with enough material to write a few chapters. This week I’m supposed to start writing my first chapter. It’s not the first chapter […]

So that volume that I may have mentioned, the one that I’ve been reading at this one archive since my first research day in May? I’m done with it. Finally. Actually that’s not completely accurate, I still have to take a photo of a large map but mentally I’m done with it. It only took […]

Welcome to the 21st Carnival! I have to apologize for being so far behind; I have no real excuses. This edition of the carnival covers the past two months: the end of another summer and the beginning of yet another school year. Anomie has volunteered to do October’s carnival (thanks so much!) but any volunteers […]

I’m the worst blogger ever. I’m working on it. It’s funny but I think my inability to take out just a little time to write a few sentences here and there reflects my complete lack of self-discipline, which of course has a huge effect on my dissertation research. See it’s not that I don’t generally […]