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Welcome to the 21st Carnival! I have to apologize for being so far behind; I have no real excuses. This edition of the carnival covers the past two months: the end of another summer and the beginning of yet another school year. Anomie has volunteered to do October’s carnival (thanks so much!) but any volunteers […]

Welcome to the 17th edition of the gradual progress carnival! Blogwise, there’s been a lot of advice and suggestions going around; so for the most part, that’s what the following collection of entries will present.   A little administrative business first: I’m looking for volunteers to host the Carnival for the next several months (barring […]

Welcome to the February edition of the Gradual Progress Carnival. By now, even the slowest universities are well into the second semester (or quarter) of the year, which often means that many graduate students are in the thick of work, teaching, deadlines, and defenses. As a result, there’s been a lot of blog talk about […]

obviously i haven’t posted in a while and i’m sit down and do a more serious post in a few days. in the mean time, i’m catching up on this month’s posts since i’m hosting the next grad carnival so if you should see me commenting on posts you’ve forgotten about b/c you wrote them […]

Hello everyone!! Welcome to the thirteenth Carnival of GRADual Progress! As many of you know, I’ve taken over running the carnival now that styleygeek is reaching the end of her graduate program. So congratulations to her for nearing the end and many thanks for running this over the past year or so. The start of […]