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One aspect of the fallout from my six months and counting of hell is that now my writing and research methods have come into question. Not directly, per se, but there is clearly some miscommunication. My advisor thinks I’m at a stage where I should be producing pages of written prose each day. I’m at […]

Here’s the thing about the current line of questioning that wonders how Faisal Shahzad was able to be a naturalized citizen, or in other words was the pathway to citizenship too easy for him. That line of thought acts as though Shahzad came to the United States ten or so years ago with the intention […]

Graduate school is not the place for people with allergies to bullshit because almost everything in graduate school is bullshit. Or maybe just my program. Whatever. Nothing but bullshit.



I got some more bad news today, more university bullshit. Of course I’m not going into it here other than to say that it’s not quite as serious as the other situation but it does have some significant implications. In other news, my ability to work has vanished once again at precisely the worst moment […]

too tired


I was going to write a long post on class and the humanities. I may still write it. Obviously this was in response to the conversation going on at Tenured Radical’s blog, which has largely been good. But one of the more recent comments professes ignorance as to why people who don’t come from money […]