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This semester has been brutal. There’s been a nasty combination of events:  moving back to the US; difficulties with certain faculty members have ballooned into a virtually unworkable situation; and a recent physical injury that has left me temporarily housebound and reminds me just how isolated I am. When emergency strikes, I’ve got no one. […]



I’m completely adrift. In every aspect of my life. It sucks. That is all.

My senior year, in government class, we debated abortion. I don’t remember how this topic related to that day’s lesson (likely some link to Roe v. Wade). I also don’t remember what part of the school year this was, whether it was before or after the election and Bush v. Gore. I was still heavily […]

I’ve got to stop the wave of bitterness that sweeps over me every time I read facebook postings, tweets, and the like about the wonderful relationships graduate students have with faculty in my department, especially faculty that I should know but don’t. That’s all.