here’s my question


When did we turn the corner so that the idea that we should continue to torture suspected or actual terrorists and deny them the rights we give to citizens was no longer in-house Republican mutterings or Dick Cheney’s point of view but became part of the national platform that is referred to in the Republican response? Disgraceful.

And while we’re at it, perhaps someone can explain to me how advocating torture doesn’t inflame jihadi fervor? Or how the fact that we either torture or have an entire party who thinks torture is fine isn’t going to be used as a powerful recruitment tool by Al-Qaeda and the like?

Or better yet, what exactly is the difference between Timothy McVeigh (a terrorist) and these Al-Qaeda or otherwise jihadi affiliated operatives? McVeigh certainly killed more people than Abdulmutallab (although the latter certainly tried) and I’m pretty sure McVeigh got his Miranda rights and the basic rights we’ve decided humans deserve. Heads up, people. We have to always be mindful of the fine line between fighting Al-Qaeda or jihadists and waging war against Islam. Denying the rights of Muslim terrorists and torturing them while not doing the same for the likes of McVeigh and others sends a message we really cannot afford.

Rant over.


2 Responses to “here’s my question”

  1. I so hear you.

  2. 2 whitheramp

    i think we should torture the senate. they blow.

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